The Secret Sauce...

Enable More Powerful Sales Conversations. Increase Originations.

Customers make decisions differently now. There is more information in the palm of their hand (thanks Apple) than in months of accepting cold calls. And while the cold call will always have a strong place in our business…wouldn’t it be nice if the phones were a little warmer?

“Content” is the stuff the market consumes from your company. Articles, sales materials, infographics, tombstone materials, outlooks and opinion pieces are just some of the “content” items powered by the Sawbux team for more than 120 commercial finance and equipment dealer customers since 2010. Our team of experts know the business, and by leveraging your unique strategic messaging, we create a content plan that educated, informs and powers better sales conversations. And it also acts as the fuel for the marketing activities that will warm up those phones.

  • Articles, Reports & Outlooks
  • Case Studies & Tombstones
  • Sales Materials
  • Infographics

Have an opinion. Let the market know how smart you are. Guide them and be an adviser. The market is full of deal chasers, but a steady stream of content that gives someone a different and better way of looking at their business is a game changer.

With the ONLY dedicated group of writers at any marketing company with decades of experience writing for all facets of businesses like yours, Sawbux can help create a steady diet of insightful content for your target audiences.

Nothing sells like success. But far too few companies put examples of their success out in the market on a consistent basis. Building credibility by showing the market the “that” you are getting deals done and “how” you are getting deals done is an integral ingredient of marketing success in these businesses.

Sawbux leverages a strong creative team to deliver the case studies, success stories, tombstone pieces and problem/solution articles to keep the market plugged into your track record of success.

You only get one change to make a first impression. And better sales materials, leave behinds, co-branded or private label material built for each vendor and other sales material can help you have more powerful sales conversations. While even the best sales materials line a trash can eventually…sending materials that look like your teenage daughter deisgned them aren’t helping.

Professional and impactful sales materials can serve as the centerpiece of the sales conversation. We can help.

People are all preschoolers at heart. Pictures, imagery, big flashy things still capture our attention. And sometimes sitting down with a cup of coffee to read a 2000 word white paper is just not gonna get it done.

An infographic is a visual way of telling a story. They are simple to understand, quick to consume and a great way to make an impression with your audience. In a complex business, telling your story with simple visuals can be VERY positive thing and a steady stream of them can really set you apart from a sea of people that look at sound overly technical about everything.

How do you get your content and message to the market?