The Secret Sauce...

How well do you really tell your company’s story?

Equipment Finance pros talk about 100% financing and cash flow benefits. Asset-Based Lenders talk about accessing to additional capital with more flexibility than cash flow lending. Private Equity people talk about value creation and making 1+1=3. Those are all good things, but they are not reasons to choose your company as a provider. Commoditization like this leads to rate-based competition and increased risk for lower return.

So Sawbux starts with Strategic Messaging work with most of our clients. We leverage our deep experience in sales and marketing of the various solutions for business capital structure to develop a story of your company—not just your finance product.

The Messaging Process

Messaging Interviews

Detailed individual discussions with key constituents where we get honest opinion on customers, capabilities and competition.

Unique Value Prop

Leveraging the messaging interviews, Sawbux presents findings that outline and position your company’s core value proposition for each target audience.

Core Messages

Sawbux develops the core messages that will differentiate your company and act as the foundation of your marketing strategy.

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